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The Square Around Forest

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Are you also visited often by Sadness? Then off you go to the Square Around Forest, where it has no power! One day, Muckle Mecky will come ringing at your door and lead you off to the clearing where his many strange and peculiar friends have found a new home. If they're in the mood, they organise a poets' contest. Together, they discover a cure for Louis the Brute's sleepiness or the hole in Siegfried Bruckner's eye-tooth. And when the evil Littlehead Bighead Rigourmigour prohibits somersaulting, then threatens the forest dwellers with pommogachies, they outwit him with their combined strength. This collection of tales was first published by Móra in 1985, with illustrations by László Réber. Since then, The Square Around Forest, with its light yet philosophical humour has been a perennial favourite with generations. Now inventively translated into English by Andrew C. Rouse (especially the words which don't exist in either language!), it is now possible for English readers, both children and adults, to discover the delightful, impossible world of Ervin Lázár!

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